Friday, April 13, 2012

Kai's Biography

This is a bio given to me by somebody that offered to do some bios on the characters. I received this one from him/her. (I don't know if youre a guy or a girl. Can't tell) Enjoy!

Here is a bio on Kai. Hope you like it!!

  I'm on fire. I'm a fiery, fierce, friendly fiend."

―Kai ZX"
Kai is the ninja of fire. He is fiery (no pun intended), hot headed and towards the end of Season 2, quite wise! His elemental colour is red. He was the last of the 4 ninjas to 'sign up' to being a ninja. His sister is Nya, who we all know is being crushed on by Jay (the lightning ninja). His weapon of choice is a sword and his strength is attack.

Season 1
Kai is the son of a blacksmith, and brother of Nya. Previously, he worked at his dad's blacksmith, The Four Weapons before being apprenticed to Sensei Wu. His dragon is called Flame. Kai gains the normal ninja wrap and the DX version (microfigure doesn't really count) The main reason he became a ninja to start with was to save Nya, but he started enjoying it and became a 'full time ninja', if you can be one of those!!

Season 2

Well, not much to say here.... Kai gets his Kendo, ZX and NRG in this season. We assume that his Kendo gear was lost along with the dojo. From then onwards, he always uses his ZX, but goes NRG when he wants to- after Episode 10. Wait- Kai is related to Samurai X!! Go Ninja and Samurai Go!! descriptions

Original Version This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Weapon of choice: Sword
Elemental color: Red
Strength: Attack
Kai is like fire; he's wild and dangerous. He's quick to act, quick to attack, and quick to get into big, big trouble. He's very good at finding trouble.
Kai can't wait for anything. He jumps headfirst into a pool before checking to see if there's fire in it. He hopes there is…he wants to fight it. Good thing Kai burns.

ZX Version This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Weapon of choice: Sword
Elemental color: Red
Strength: Attack
Having proven himself as an equal member of the team, Kai is ready to take on new challenges. He has a strong sense of justice and will fight anything, bend any rule and burn any bridge on his path.
Kai learned the value of teamwork the hard way but change is hard when you're used to doing things YOUR way. Once in disbelief of his purpose, Kai now feels destined for greatness and will do anything to fulfill his destiny. Sometimes without thinking things through or telling is team mates first.
Will he learn how to control the fire that burns inside him?
Well, that's all to say on Kai- I hope you liked my first post- Will be back with Jay!!


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