Friday, April 13, 2012

Poll 4: What's your favorite snake tribe?

The results are in for  the 3rd poll! the question was: Who is you favorite dragon?
So as you can see, Shard is the winner! I actually don't know why Rocky is my favorite dragon... maybe because he's different? And I really don't know why Shard won. How did you guys determine whose your favorite dragon?

The next poll is... What is your favorite snake tribe?
 I know there are 5 tribes but I can't get a five options. So I am going to put the Constrictai and the Venomari together. If they win, then Ill do a poll on which one of those is your favorite tribe. The options are:
Venomari or Constrictai: Constrictai can burrow underground and the Venomari venom makes you hallucinate.
Anacondrai: Can swallow a person whole(thats at least what Pythor can do) and make themselves invisible. This tribe is extinct
Hypnobrai: Hypnotize people
Fangpyre: Their bite will turn anything or anyone into a snake or snake like thing.

I personally like the Anacondrai. Vote Now!!! Poll lasts about 2 days.

PS: this poll question was also suggested by Jay. The same on from the last question. Thanks!! :D

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  1. Hi,
    You should be able to put as many answers as you want. Go to design, add a gadget on the side, scroll and choose poll. There should be a button that says add another answer unde the area where you input the answers.


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