Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Naming of the Snake Tribe

I was on this site called Brain Pop (very interesting and useful actually) and today, their featured video is reptiles. On their FYI part of the video, they gave this fact:
The longest snake found was an Asian reticulated python that measured 10 meters in length. The anaconda, though, is on average thicker, heavier and stronger than the python; it can have the same diameter as a human being’s waist!
So that must be why they named the most feared snake tribe, the Anacondrai. Plus, on another part, they also said that snakes have this thing in their jaws that allows them to open their mouths very very wide. Apparently as big as us swallowing a basketball.

'Till next time! Ninja-GO!!!!!

Ps; I don't think I'll close down.

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