Monday, April 9, 2012

A look at Zane...

Hello! :DI'm going to take time to look at Zane's past now that we know he's an android. Zane is so human like, it even fooled him. I think that opening his head or something to fix a wire would  be creepy.

When Sensei met Zane, he was meditating at the bottom of a cold pond. In the episode you can see a hole in the ice at the top. I read the book on Zane (they made a book for each ninja with 2 stories) and he apparently woke up one day on a road. He had no memory of how he got there and who he was. The only thing he did know was his name. The villagers in the village welcomed him and he lived there until Sensei found him and offered him a place on the ninja team. Since he's a robot, robot's can't really feel the cold can they? That must be why the cold doesn't bother Zane. Plus he can hold his breath underwater so long must also be beacuse robots, well, don't need air to live. So there you go! :) I guess it wouldn't be fair if there was a competition and he participated.

All the weird things that Zane did (walking in on Cole, laughing at a sad movie and eating the deli and leaving cheese behind) was probably some programming error. He probably learned to knock on the bathroom door later on.

But don't robots run on electricity? So how come Zane can run for so long? How does he eat food? Can he survive without food? (Wouldn't that save a bit of chow?) You'd probably have to check Zane's blueprint's or ask Zane's dad to answer those questions.

Here's something: if Sensei didn't know that Zane's a robot, how come his shirt opens when he opens his stomach? Wouldn't it be stuck? Plus if they aren't going to open it there is no opening in the shirt.

Very interesting, no? At least I think it's something. I read somewhere that the song he was singing in episode 7 of Rise of the Snakes was a song from the 1980's or something. Hope you enjoyed my article!

UPDATE: I made a mistake. Zane's song is actually identified as a song from the 1899. Sorry abou the mixup.

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  1. ZaneZX-Master of IceApril 10, 2012 at 6:41 PM

    That's so true! It's weird thst he can where different shirts. I hate noticing mistakes in stuff I love, oh well I guess


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