Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dragon Poll

Hello! This post will be on the dragons that the ninja have taken in for pets, Flame, Rocky, Wisp and Shard.

Flame is Kai's pet dragon. Flame was originally the guardian of the Sword of Fire. I guess Kai's the new guardian. Flame was in the Fire Temple when Kai first saw him. Nya (who was kidnapped) was there too.  In Season 2 Sensei and Nya rode on Flame and rescued the ninja from the falling apart treehouse.

Rocky is Cole's pet dragon. Rocky was originally the guardian of the Scythe of Quakes. Cole's the new guardian of that weapon. Rocky was first at the Caves of Despair with the Scythe halfway in his jaws. After getting it and defeating the skeletons, Rocky showed up and tried to attack the ninja. Kai used the scythe and he caused an avalanche and the ninja escaped. He apparently likes to snack on dead toad things from the company Creatures, Beasts and Beyond.

Wisp is Jay's pet dragon. Like the other dragons, he guarded a golden weapon too. He was placed in the Floating Ruins with the Nunchucks of Lightning. If you haven't noticed, the center of the floating ruins is like a pair of nunchuks (the top is shaped like one of the handles, the center the chain, assuming there is another handle at the bottom). Jay and the others fled the Wisp by gliding away on gliders Jay probably designed.

Shard is Zane's pet. Of course, he guarded the Shurikens of Ice in the Ie Fortress in the Frozen Wasteland. Zane and his fellow ninja escaped the dragon by using Zane (who got frozen by the Shurikens) as a sled. They rode all the way back to their ship.

Once the ninjas tamed there dragon, they unlocked their Dx form. Here are my Dragon bios! Vote on the new poll which is on your favorite dragon!!

PS: The poll question was suggested by JAY-LIGHTNING NINJA from the brick blogger. I give credit to people. :D

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