Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poll #7 Do you think Lloyd will be a good green ninja?

Hey guys!
So, there's a prophecy on a legendary green ninja. The green ninja will defeat the dark lord (everyone says it's Lord Garmadon. Who knows? Maybe it isn't). The green ninja will be even more powerful then the other four. It was revealed in Episode 10 The Green Ninja that Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon is the green ninja! And Kai was soo convinced it was himself.  So this poll was "Do you think Lloyd will be a good green ninja?
Guess we'll all find out in Season 3! His trainers will be the former ninjas. Isn't it sad that Lloyd will have to fight his dad? Just because Garmadon was bitten. Talk about family issues!

The next poll is... Do you think the Stone Army and the undead pirates will be tougher enemies for the ninjas?
Options? Yes, No or Maybe.
The skeletons were really easy and the snakes a bit smarter.
Stay alert! Have a great day everybody!

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